Gastón Osiris is a top-tier performer known for delivering energetic and outstanding performances. With a broad set of skills and talents, his stage presence, dance technique, charisma, and uniqueness make him star material. His carefully-crafted showmanship is the product of years of experience on every kind of stage (from operas and theatres to museums and galleries), and work with professional artists from all different fields. Still evolving and growing day to day as an artist, his diligence led him to the peak of Buenos Aires nightlife, and today's Tel Aviv scene, ready to work in new platforms and launch across the globe.


Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1992, Gastón has engaged in art, music, theatre, and physical activities since he was a child. He has trained in circus arts and gymnastics since childhood, later in ballet and contemporary dance with renowned teachers and choreographers at distinguished studios in Argentina. At present, Gastón is an independent artist with a wide variety of skills and talents, mostly known for his Voguing style and performances as a Drag Queen. He was a dancer in the "Castadiva" contemporary dance company from director and choreographer Mónica Fracchia. He worked long-term on performance projects merging sculpture and dance with artist Osías Yanov. He choreographed and performed the artwork 'oll' obtained as collection of the Museum of Modern Art of Buenos Aires (MAMBA), in which he had the honor of performing the piece for the Netherlands' Queen Máxima in a private visit to the museum. He performed in the opera "Madame Butterfly" by Giacomo Puccini in the prestigious opera theatre Teatro Colón of Buenos Aires, directed by Hugo de Ana. He next appeared in "VI Sesión en el Parlamento" by artist Osías Yanov, exhibited in the Buenos Aires Performance Art Biennial at the MALBA Museum. Gastón then performed and danced in drag on television for the President of Argentina, Cristina Kirchner, at the opening of the Cultural Centre Kirchner (CCK), a voguing dance piece choreographed by himself and dancer Joinner Hoyos. He took part in "Fábrica de lo Sensible" from director Silvio Lang in Centro Cultural Kirchner (CCK). For his work in dance, vogue, and drag, he was inverviewed for various Argentinian newspapers and online magazines, such as "Página 12 - Suplemento Soy". He worked with director and choreographer Pablo Rotemberg on the project "Mujeres Enamoradas" in Buenos Aires, adding a piece choreographed by himself to the repertoire.

Since immigrating to Israel in 2017, Gastón has already performed all over Tel Aviv and collaborated with different artists, directors, photographers, and fashion designers, in museums, theatres, clubs, and events. He has danced on Israeli television as part of the Independence Day ceremony on Har Herzl, participated in video clips, drag shows, dance performances, and choreographed pieces. He appeared in the Acre Festival of Theatre in 2018, and is currently on stage with the show ("Hunger" - in Hebrew ר ע ב) at the Tmuna theatre in Tel Aviv.



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